Bumper Recurring Plans

Credit Souhardha Co-Op Ltd., Karwar

  • Lakpati Scheme
    Deposit Rs.2500/- for every 36 months & get Rs.1,05,180/- + Rs.1,000/- Bonus on maturity.
  • Bhavishya Nidhi Scheme
    Deposit Rs.1200/- for every 36 months & get Rs.50,486/- + Rs.500/- Bonus on maturity.
  • Bala Bhavishya Nidhi
    Scheme Deposit Rs.500/- for every 60 months & get Rs.40,014/- on maturity.
  • Kalyan Nidhi Plan:
    Invest Rs.1000/- for every 180 months & earn Rs.4,14,774/- on maturity.
  • Child Future Education Plan:
    Invest Rs.1500/- for every 144 months & earn Rs.4,15,683/- on maturity.
  • Deposit Rs.750/- for every 144 months & get Rs.2,07,841/- on maturity.

Note: This can be invested in multiples to earn more & more.