Head office was set up in the year 2005 for the smooth and systematic functioning. In the beginning it was situated at the Karwar Branch premises.

The Management had a vision of developing the institution and adding up more branches to serve the society. In order to administer the proper functioning of all the branches a separate head office was set up in new building at Sonarwada, Karwar. A completely furnished office of 3000 sq.ft space with a Conference Hall, Computers, Internet facility, efficient Staff Members for specialized sections were set up like Planning, Establishment, Accounts, Loans & Recovery.

Each Section takes care that plans envisioned are put into actions and goals are achieved.

Share Section:

Every customer who transacts with us is entitled to be the shareholder of our co-operative. Depending upon the transaction amounts customers are issued shares with the face value of Rs 100/-. Once the customers hold the share, they also become eligible to earn year by dividends based on the profit incurred by the co-operative. At our head office, we have maintained an exclusive share section. This section handles the complete process of shares from issuing to sending it to respective branches; from there on, the shares will be handed over to the respective customers. Following are the few highlight of how the share section team works.

  • By default all depositors are eligible for being a share holder. Therefore after the customer consent, this information is gathered and saved on the software.
  • It is mandatory to have at least minimum of 1 share to savings account holder.
  • Any customer, who avails loan, too must compulsorily invest a certain percentage in share. The customer’s data’s are gathered from Branches and are assigned a unique share account number against the share.
  • Lastly, dividends are calculated and disbursed to the Branches to distribute the same to customers.