Head office was set up in the year 2005 for the smooth and systematic functioning. In the beginning it was situated at the Karwar Branch premises.

The Management had a vision of developing the institution and adding up more branches to serve the society. In order to administer the proper functioning of all the branches a separate head office was set up in new building at Sonarwada, Karwar. A completely furnished office of 3000 sq.ft space with a Conference Hall, Computers, Internet facility, efficient Staff Members for specialized sections were set up like Planning, Establishment, Accounts, Loans & Recovery.

Each Section takes care that plans envisioned are put into actions and goals are achieved.

Insurance Section:


Insurance Section

Milagres co-operative is in tie-up with 2 big insurance service providers, namely oriental insurance and life insurance cooperation of India. This tie-up has helped us to insure our customers in 2 categories (ie) General insurance and life insurance as the portfolio is a broad one, separate and independent section has been setup for handling the insurance work.

General insurance

Apart from provide advice on marketing a claim, this section also dose the processing of new insurance claims notification, collecting accurate information and documents, analyzing a claim, guiding policy holder on how to processed with the claim, contacting people from a network of approved professionals and arranging for them to make repairs of the policy holder, monitoring policy of the claim are few responsible insurance section to be mentioned ,ensuring fair settlement of a valid claim.


St. milagres cooperative is a corporate agent and we can get a customer’s life insurance policy done through all our branches. Our branch’s have been provide with sub agent code which facilitates easy login and quick processing of paper work for customers.