Head office was set up in the year 2005 for the smooth and systematic functioning. In the beginning it was situated at the Karwar Branch premises.

The Management had a vision of developing the institution and adding up more branches to serve the society. In order to administer the proper functioning of all the branches a separate head office was set up in new building at Sonarwada, Karwar. A completely furnished office of 3000 sq.ft space with a Conference Hall, Computers, Internet facility, efficient Staff Members for specialized sections were set up like Planning, Establishment, Accounts, Loans & Recovery.

Each Section takes care that plans envisioned are put into actions and goals are achieved.

Advertisements Section:

In today’s era Co-operative Society is the most important part of modern Co-operative set up. The role of co-operative Society is not just confined to advancing loans to public and accepting their deposits but it also has to update their various services on regular basis.

Advertising section overseas the advertising activity of a Co-operative. The main role is to increase the growth by way of creating awareness amongst general public. The section takes care of doing attractive pamphlets, handbills and updating the websites with all the latest happenings and making the newly introduced deposit schemes, various newly started service etc. Updating the website with all the latest happenings in the co-operative too is the important role that this section performs.